A lot of people have no idea that this legendary game is not really that new, in fact, it was first released back in 2018! Pretty shocking right? The game that has been around for years became the top trending online game overnight with a help of YouTubers and their videos. Yup, that is the real power of popular online bloggers, they can make things cool, trending, and popular with a simple video.

By the way game that I am talking about is Among Us, to be a more precise unblocked version of it and we will discuss all important aspects of this game, stay tuned and keep on reading.

 First of all, this is an online multiplayer game that is being played by ten people, all players start on the alien spaceship, and they have two possible roles right from the beginning: crewmate or impostor. Each role in the game is completely different and requires from play different approach, in case of being a crewmate your job is to complete various missions and find out who is an imposter, in case of being an imposter your job is to make sure that flight mission will fail and also you should sabotage spaceship and destroy anyone who will find out about your secret.

How to play
 This game belongs to the survival games category, your priority is to stay alive, in case of being an imposter just do your best to kill everyone else, make sure that the mission is not successful, etc. In case of being a crewmember make sure that you complete all of your tasks, make sure that your spaceship is safe, and that you can designate who is an ally and who is an imposter.

In each case you should play with caution, you have to analyze the situation well, you should complete your own personal task as well as look after others to find out what they are up to, what they are doing, where are they, etc. Analyze situations and surrounding with care, your success in the game depends on it!

 The unblocked version of Among Us is really all about voting, the game allows from time to time players to vote, they group up, discuss various subjects, and most importantly they discuss who is an imposter in the game and should be kicked out of the spaceship. Not this decision is actually important, if you will make the wrong choice you will lose a valuable crewmate, on the other hand, if you will kick out the right person you will win and finish the space mission successfully.

Pay attention to your objective guys, but make sure that you track other players’ progress as well.

 The game is really popular, millions of people play it and it is supported by all major platforms. Just to make things more comfortable for you we have decided to add download links on our blog as well. Check the links below guys.


Video guide
 Not sure how to play this game? No problem, take a look at the following video guide from YouTube for more details, I am sure that you will find it really useful and helpful.

 With all that being said what are you waiting for? This is a top trending game, after all, chances are that you will love it just like all the people out there, scroll up, hit that play button, and enjoy your time playing Among Us, and don’t forget to leave your comments below!